Important changes when settling an Employment Tribunal claim

All employment tribunal claims are now required to comply with early conciliation, a new procedure that requires all tribunal claims to be advised to ACAS first. This new process will allow earlier resolution to complaints before sending them to an employment tribunal, resulting in a more time efficient claim system.

If there is a possible claim an ACAS officer will contact you, if you manage to participate in the employment claim you may be able to settle the matter at an early stage with decreased costs. If you miss the chance or do not want to take part then it will be subject to being put through a tribunal.

If you do get contacted by an ACAS officer we would advise you notify us or your insurers instantly, obtain as much information from ACAS and confirm with them that you wish to take part in early conciliation.

We would also like to advise that you do not decline to take part without taking advice from either us or your insurer, also do not mention anything that may amount to an admission of liability or try to attempt a settlement without your insurer’s approval.