Nowadays we can all get online quotes and we have access to price comparison websites which makes it very easy to assume that one insurance is the same as the other. It is, however, exactly the opposite and price isn’t the only difference between insurances.

Price comparison sites have not yet invaded the event insurance market, although if they did they would find it impossible to properly analyse the diverse range on offer. Event insurance is a complex product because every event is different. At WRS we believe that it is vital to ensure that you not only get a good price, but also that you get the right cover.
The first step to getting the right charity event insurance would be to talk to a broker who would be able to give you a bespoke quote. The most important thing to remember is not to assume that anything is covered unless the policy actually says so.
Another tip we’d like to give you is to be aware that cancellation is not always included in the policy. If your event is revenue generating, you may also want to consider insuring the profit element, which means basing the insurance on the total revenue expected, not just expenditure.
Last but not least, once you get the right insurance make sure you retain all the accounts and other policy documents in case you need to make a claim. Making successful claims is, after all, what insurance is all about.
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