If you work to support refugees and asylum seekers who have been forced to flee their country due to war and persecution, it is important that you have the correct insurance cover in place. Whether you run a community organisation, charitable group or you are a landlord who has refugees and asylum seekers as tenants, specialist refugee insurance is essential to ensure you, your assets and the refugees you help are protected.

Depending on your situation and your involvement with refugees and asylum seekers, your insurance requirements may vary. Our expert advisors can provide invaluable knowledge and support to create the correct level of protection for your bespoke needs.

At WRS Insurance, we offer a variety of ethical insurance products, specialising in assisting various types of charitable organisation. Our tailored and comprehensive refugee policies can cover a wide range of areas including buildings and contents cover, employers’ liability, volunteer insurance, public and products liability, overseas liability and more.

In 2015, the UK received nearly 40,000 asylum applications, of which 45% were granted asylum*; we appreciate that the refugee situation in the UK is vast with many groups and individuals working hard to offer aid and assistance.

If you or your organisation has chosen to help refugees and asylum seekers in need, then we can support your efforts and provide peace of mind, knowing that you are fully protected with the right insurance cover.


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* http://www.redcross.org.uk/What-we-do/Refugee-support/Refugee-facts-and-figures