Being a trustee of a charity is an important role. There are numerous areas of regulation and law that Trustees have to comply with and these can be demanding at times. Given that trustees are only human and there is always the chance that they can make mistakes.
Trustees are often unpaid and give up their free time to help good causes. Even so, ultimately, they can still be held to account if a charity is found to have carried out a negligent or wrongful act. That’s why insurance for trustees is so important.
WRS Insurance Brokers can help charities get the protection that their trustees need and deserve. It utilises a small group of specialist trustees’ liability insurance companies who understand the charity market and are able to provide indemnity with limits from £100,000 to £5million for past and present trustees.
Here at WRS we believe that taking out trustee indemnity insurance is vital because it will generally cover trustees for damages in civil court cases, although it will not protect them against fines in criminal cases. Policies can also protect trustees from debts incurred if the charity closes down and is unable to pay its bills. All this combined with the fact that it’s an inexpensive form of cover makes it ideal for trustees of charities. There has also been a significant increase in the purchases of trustee indemnity covers in recent years.
Watch this 60 second guide to Trustee Indemnity Insurance brought to you by Ecclesiastical:
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