Hiring a minibus can be the ideal transport option if travelling in a group; this could be with your Church family or volunteers from your charity.

Whether you need a minibus for a missionary trip or a one day adventure, we want you to have a fun and safe journey! Here are 5 tips on what to consider when hiring a minibus.

Specify your requirements
A minibus is classed as a vehicle that has between eight and sixteen passenger seats. Minibuses come in a variety of styles, with different interior designs, including bathroom facilities and air conditioning.
The majority of company websites will have an image and description of the minibuses available. You can also speak to a sales representative who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Is your driver insured?
The UK Government website outlines conditions that should be met by minibus drivers, including the need for insurance.
If the proposed driver has limited experience driving a minibus, you could ask to practice around the rental company’s premises before heading onto the main road. This will give the driver an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the minibus and, if necessary, adjust features such as the mirror and chair.

Be prepared
Before heading out, ensure you know the ideal route to get to your destination. Google maps and The AA’s route planner are great tools to help plan your journey and can also suggest alternative routes that are less congested during rush hour.

Think Safety
The same safety guidelines apply for minibuses as they do for cars; this includes the need for passengers to wear a seatbelt at all times.
If driving long distance, it is important that you stop regularly for a rest and refreshments; you may even find it useful to rotate the responsibility of driving with fellow passengers who also hold a valid UK drivers license.

Have fun!
Yes, safety should always come first, but you can still have fun!
Why don’t you play icebreaker games and bring along fun activities to help keep passengers in good cheer throughout the journey!

If you would like to discuss insurance for your vehicle or would like a free no obligation quote, then please call a member of the team on 01206 760780

For advice on driving safety, please visit The AA.