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When it comes to Charity Insurance, our experience has taught us that one-size certainly doesn’t fit all. Every charity and not-for-profit organisation faces its own unique risks. This is why, at WRS Insurance, we’re passionate about offering specialist advice and support to help ensure your organisation has the tailored insurance protection and reassurance you need to enable you to get on with making a positive impact.

Face to face visits and impartial support

Hundreds of charities and not-for-profits across the UK, of all sizes, trust us to offer them the impartial advice they need. We visit our clients face-to-face so we can fully understand your needs and the risks each faces.

We build long-term relationships with our clients and pride ourselves on offering a professional, friendly service that is second-to-none.

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Helping you find the best Charity Insurance for your needs

Our experienced team are passionate about the sector. Our own directors have many years’ experience as trustees, so we understand that the risks charities face can be incredibly varied and ever-evolving.

We also understand that the pressure on your budgets is now likely to be tougher than ever. As an independent charity insurance broker, we will work with you to find the best possible insurance package for your needs, from the country’s leading charity insurers.

We’ve also produced a free Charity Insurance guide which details the types of cover your charity may need. Download your copy here.

Insurance for charities, from hospices to wildlife associations

No matter how big or small your charity is or what your day-to-day activities involve, it’s highly likely we’ve helped an organisation like yours find the insurance they need. Below are just a few of the types of not-for-profit organisations we currently work with:


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A guide to charity insurance

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We understand that it can feel like a minefield when looking for the right charity insurance cover. While every charity and not-for-profit organisation faces its own unique risks, common covers that we often recommend include:

Public Liability Insurance for charities – protects you against injury or damage claims brought against your charity by a third party. For instance, if you are hosting a fundraising event and someone accidentally trips and sustains an injury, they could file a claim against your charity.

Employers’ Liability Insurance for charities – protects you against claims from employees, or volunteers, who make a claim against you for an injury or illness caused by the work they do for you.

Trustee Indemnity Insurance – helps protect both individual trustees and the charity itself from the financial and legal consequences of claims or disputes related to the actions or decisions of trustees.

Professional Indemnity Insurance – helps protect the organisation from legal claims and the associated costs, including legal fees, settlements, or judgments when your charity provides professional services, advice or consultancy.

Business Interruption Insurance – financial protection for your charity against loss of income or increased costs of working caused by a range of insured events such as fire, flood and theft.

Legal Expenses Insurance – covering the expenses associated with legal representation.

Charity Cyber Insurance – if you suffer a cyber breach, this cover won’t just cover your financial losses, it will also give you access to cyber security experts who can help to recover your systems and help you understand what caused the breach.

Charity Motor & Fleet Insurance – a full array of vehicles can be covered, including minibuses, pool cars as part of a fleet, refrigerated vehicles, 3.5T vans and 7.5T vans.

Find out more in our free charity insurance guide. Download your copy here.

Large charity insurance

As your organisation grows the risks you face change. It’s essential that your insurance protects you as you increase in size. A large or established charity will require support and advice from a specialist insurance broker like WRS Insurance.

However, just because your operation is larger doesn’t mean your requirement for value for money diminishes. We work closely with major insurers to ensure you obtain the correct cover at the correct price.

As an independent, ethical insurance broker specialising in the charity sector we have the experience and knowledge to help your organisation. We believe in building close long-term relationships and offering you a consistently excellent, prompt service.

Our free Charity Insurance Guide details the types of cover you need to protect your trustees, employees, volunteers, events and more. Download your copy here.

Specialist insurance for small charities


If you run a small charity or are just starting out on your journey, advice and support from our specialists will help give you the reassurance that you have the right insurance cover in place to focus on your day-to-day work making a difference.

Running a smaller charity can still expose you to large risks. This is why it’s essential to have appropriate insurance in place to protect you.

Combined package insurance policies for small charities cover many risks, however knowing which optional covers to buy and at what level can be confusing. Our specialists will help you to minimise costs and avoid paying for cover that is not really needed while helping ensure cover is in place for the operational risks you do face.

Our clients tell us that the benefit of working with a specialist broker is invaluable. We work with major insurers in the charity sector meaning we can advise and guide you on the appropriate cover you need for the activities you undertake. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your needs.

Our free Charity Insurance Guide details the types of cover you need to protect your trustees, employees, volunteers, events and more. Download your copy here.

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