WRS Fundraising Hub

Whether you are a volunteer, charity CEO, or seasoned professional fundraiser,  take a look at our fundraising resources to help make your charity’s strategy simpler and more successful.

We know that raising those all-important funds for your charity isn’t always easy – it requires continual effort and investment.

That’s why, as Charity Insurance specialists, we want to offer practical support and guidance to help you fundraise successfully.

Take a look at our guide to successful fundraising below:

Four steps for successful fundraising

A fundraising plan is key to establishing – both internally and externally – whether or not you can generate the income to deliver your proposed services.

Take a look at the four steps here

6 tips for creating a clear Fundraising Plan

A fundraising plan is a route map, enabling charities to analyse where they are and where they want to be; and in doing so marking the milestones required to get there.

It establishes a vision that everyone can rally towards and lays out robust financial plans.

Download the full plan here

Fundraising Plan Template

Writing a fundraising plan is an important step that will help your organisation fundraise successfully.

Use this template to help develop a timeline for different activities that comprise your fundraising.

Download annual template here

Monthly Template

For bigger fundraising projects, you could also create additional monthly activity tables that will give further detail.

Download your Monthly Planner Template here

Fundraising Targets

As well as planning your project and fundraising activity, it will be important to plan the value of grants and donations you expect to receive and when.

If you have set a fundraising target, this will help you keep track of the funding gap you are working to close.

Fundraising Target Template

Researching possible donors and funders for your charity

Finding funding or potential donors starts by identifying the revenenue streams available to you.

Take a look at various fundraising options here

Fundraising Income

4 steps to help build a successful grant application

A successful grant application will need to have a persuasive pitch delivering the right message, providing a concrete case for why someone should
consider financially supporting your cause.

Take a look at the key principles for a good grant application

Outcome and Impact

Understanding the terminology is key to writing clear funding applications, as well as helping
you to improve the work you do.

Find out more here

WRS Insurance Brokers are proudly part of the Benefact Group, which is owned by one of the UK’s leading grant making charities, the Benefact Trust.

Benefact Group are a diverse family of specialist financial services businesses, driven by our shared ambition to do right by our customers, and united by a common purpose to give all available profits to charity and good causes.

Since 2016 we have donated over £100 million. Giving our profits to good causes means we are motivated by something far greater than the need to satisfy shareholders’ returns, allowing us to focus on the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction.

It also means that we can bring additional value-added services, like this document on fundraising, to both our existing and prospective customers.

For more information on the Benefact Group please visit benefactgroup.com