5 Marketing Tips for Charities

Charity Marketing Tips image

Marketing is a great way for charities to raise their profile and increase donations; but unfortunately, many organisations miss out on the benefits of marketing due to having a limited budget.

We hope that our 5 low-cost tips will help you achieve your marketing goals without having to spend a fortune.

1) Social Media

With over 2 billion users, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are effective platforms to showcase your charity; and the good news is that setting up an account is free!

A social media presence will allow you to build relationships with your target audience and promote charity campaigns that could end up going viral (The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge took social media by storm and helped raise awareness for motor neurone disease).

2) Networking

Attending networking events will give you an opportunity to educate individuals and businesses on your charity’s work and values. In addition, engagement with companies could lead to them becoming sponsors of your charity.

There are a number of networking groups and one-off events with free admission; check out Eventbrite to find events near you.

3) Word-of-mouth marketing

People love to support a good cause and are often willing to share their charity experience with friends and family. To maximise word-of-mouth marketing, kindly ask volunteers and workers if they know anyone who would like to get involved in the charity. You may decide to do this by sending out a referral survey or it can be done face-to-face.

Word of mouth marketing is powerful, so be sure to involve it in your marketing strategy.

4) Website

Websites tend to be the go to place when people want to donate money and learn more about a charity. Therefore, it is important that your website is up-to-date and easy to navigate. Also ensure that all call-to-actions, such as your telephone number and ‘donate’ button, are clear and immediately visible.

5) Storytelling

Storytelling has become increasingly popular over recent times and involves brands communicating their message through a variety of ways, including video. Compelling and transparent storytelling can create an emotional connection for people, encouraging them to become an ambassador for your charity.

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