A person’s interest in the history or architecture of a church, simple curiosity or even being a wedding guest at a church provides a wonderful opportunity to plant and nurture a small seed of faith and even stimulate growth in spiritual awareness or exploration.

A poll conducted a few years ago suggests that one in four UK adults attends church at least once a year and one in ten people in the UK attends church every week. It also pointed out that churches could potentially do more to encourage more visitors and seem more inviting and friendly. Therefore, we have compiled a list with a few tips on how to better engage with your community and attract more visitors.

1. Make sure you have signs outside your church conveying a clear invitation and a statement of welcome. This will get the attention of people passing by and encourage them to come in and explore.

2. You might want to consider having a Welcome board near the entrance with information about the church and the church community, the events taking place there and information on how to make a donation if necessary.

3. Work with tourist attractions, pubs, restaurants, charity shops and other churches near you to find places to advertise your church. Do not be afraid to approach them because more often than not they will be happy to help.

4. Have an up to date website with information about your church, the building’s history, opening times and events.

5. Coffee hour before or after church can also be an effective way to welcome the newcomers and deepen relationships.

6. Last but not least, hold events in your church because that is the best way to attract more visitors. Some ideas for events are concerts, art workshops, exhibitions, talks, fundraising events, support groups and events for children.

If you have any other ideas to add to this list or would like to share what has worked for you in the past that has encouraged more visitors or deepen relationships do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!