Social media is an increasingly effective strategy for charities that want to connect with supporters and tap into a larger audience.

A recent survey of nearly 8,000 UK charity donors confirms that Facebook and Twitter conversations do generate charity donations. Another survey released by charity World Vision reveals how social media is particularly impacting on young people in terms of increasing their awareness of social and humanitarian issues. Yet, for many charities, the vastness of the social media landscape is too daunting to venture into.

So, let’s have a look at how social media can help our charity insurance clients:

It will help you reach a bigger audience – with approx. 31 million Facebook users in UK alone and more than 10 million Twitter users it is no secret that social media has become extremely popular. Maintaining an active presence on the social media channels will not only allow you to reach new and wider audiences but it will also allow to engage with your existing members and donors.

It would allow you to have a low cost channel – charities spend a fortune each year building offline campaigns without considering the benefits of social media which can easily be monitored and utilised to cut costs.

It helps you share updates and news instantly – Certain social media platforms allow you to broadcast quickly and instantly to your donors with short and simple updates. You can even have live conversations with anybody that is interested in what you’re doing.

It helps you be transparent – social media allows the audience to see the personality behind the organisation. People are able to see more than just the logo and name of your organisation, they see something they can engage with on a personal level.

You would make it easier for users to find you
– a survey on the link between charity donations and Social Media demonstrated that 50% of the 1.000 regular Social Media users that the survey was sent to, usually find out about a new charity initiative through Social Media.

how social initiatives are heard

As you can see, Social Media has a huge impact and it is cheaper than above-the-line marketing methods. It gives your charity the opportunity to interact and engage with its audience, and gives your cause or message the exposure it deserves.