Benefact Trust launch new Grant Giving programme

In a world where resources are often scarce, organisations that strive to make a positive impact are invaluable. WRS is part of Benefact Group, which is proudly owned by Benefact Trust – a grant-giving charity committed to supporting community development and social change. Since Benefact Trust was founded in 1972, it’s given more than £235 million in grants, including £100 million in the past 5 years.

Benefact Trust supports churches and Christian charities with a renewed focus on empowering communities. The Trust aims to equip charitable organisations, churches, and Methodist communities through its diverse grant programmes.

To broaden its support, this year, Benefact Trust has launched a new grant funding framework:

Community Impact Grants: Enabling greater social impact
Benefact Trust’s Community Impact Grants Programme supports projects that will make a positive and transformative impact on lives and the communities they live in. Whether that’s for local, regional, or national projects that may be tackling complex social issues including poverty, homelessness, addiction, loneliness, mental health, climate change or cultural cohesion.
This programme empowers Christian organisations across the UK and Ireland, who are doing incredible work tackling major issues in society. At the same time, the Community Impact Grants help churches to grow their congregations and promote the Christian faith.

Building Improvement Grants: Protecting and Enhancing Christian Buildings
Church buildings have always been a focal point in villages, towns and cities throughout the UK, and can continue to play an important role in bringing communities together – but only if we value and protect them. Under Building Improvement Grants, Benefact Trust is able to support direct capital costs relating to the following types of work:

  • Essential, one-off repairs or other capital works to ensure the continued use or viability of a building
  • Minor capital works or equipment purchases to meet operational or accessibility requirements
  • Conservation or restoration of historic features
  • Other aesthetic enhancements to improve indoor or outdoor spaces for users
  • Energy efficiency/renewable energy measures

Roof Alarm Grants: Protecting churches from metal theft
Benefact Trust’s Roof Protection Scheme provides grants to help churches install roof alarms in response to the issue of metal theft, which continues to be a very challenging issue across the UK.
The Trust has recently extended this scheme until the end of 2023 and increased the amount of funding available, with grants now funding up to 50% of the cost of the alarm, up to a maximum of £2,500.

Methodist Grants: Enhancing the mission and ministry of the Methodist church
Benefact Trust’s Methodist Grants Programme seeks to enhance the mission and ministry of the Methodist Church in the UK and Ireland. Funded primarily by donations from Methodist Insurance PLC, these grants support building development projects that bring about church growth, improved
community engagement and better accessibility. In a recent update to the programme, grants will also support repair and maintenance projects that are essential for ongoing mission and ministry.
Methodist churches have a unique opportunity to leverage these grants to bring about positive change in their congregations and communities.

Heritage Skills for Christian Buildings Grants: Supporting the care of Christian buildings
The repair and restoration of historic buildings require specialist skills, so we support the preservation and promotion of essential heritage skills and careers through apprenticeships, scholarships and training courses.

Crisis Response Grants

When disaster and human conflict occur, it’s often the most vulnerable people that suffer the most and as a compassionate Christian organisation, Benefact Trust extends its unwavering support and assistance to those in need.
In times of crisis, the Trust will support organisations that are proven to be effective at delivering emergency aid on the ground, where it matters most.
Here are some examples of how Benefact Trust has helped those who are in desperate need:

  • In February 2023, an immediate £250,000 was awarded to two charity partners, British Red Cross and World Vision, who provided lifesaving support to people affected by the earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria on the 6th of February. Read more here.
  • In March 2022, Benefact Trust pledged £1 million to charities helping those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. In the first round of funding, Depaul International, the charity whose mission is to end homelessness was awarded £50,000 and this was shortly followed by a second donation of £100,000 once the Trust had seen the huge impact they were making in Ukraine and the surrounding areas. Read more here.

Whilst its core grants programmes focus on funding projects in the UK and Ireland, in the face of such devasting humanitarian crises, the Trust feels that it cannot sit by and do nothing. This programme is not open to applications; however, the Trust will respond to disasters where it can.
These latest grants mean the Trust has now awarded over £2m in Crisis Response funding, supporting charity partners working in Ukraine and Afghanistan, as well as organisations helping to tackle the Cost-of-Living Crisis on our own doorstep.

As you may see, the grants offered by Benefact Trust not only provide much-needed financial assistance but also serve as a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and lasting change. As we navigate the challenges and opportunities of the present, let us celebrate and support the remarkable work of Benefact Trust, in the pursuit of a brighter future for all.

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Benefact Trust’s ability to support and fund so many worthwhile causes is made possible by the work of Benefact Group – which gives all its available profits to the Trust, sustaining its giving. WRS are proudly part of the Benefact Group.