The need for insurance is not only reserved for businesses and homeowners, it is important that Churches are also protected by the right insurance cover.
Many of the Churches established today began as small group fellowships, often taking place in a member’s home.
There is therefore the misconception that insurance has no (or very little) relevancy during the ‘start-up’ stage of a new church. Yet, regardless of a church’s lifespan, there are still risks to consider.
With what may be a limited budget and modest congregation size, many new Pastors may be hesitant to engage in the discussion of insurance; which is why it is worth mentioning that Public Liability Insurance is fairly inexpensive and highly recommended. It is also important to stress that such insurance is often classified as mandatory by leasing agents, as it provides protection in unforeseeable instances of property damage or bodily injury involving a third party.
As time goes by, our hope is that your Church experiences expansion and prosperity. Once the number of your attendees begins to outgrow the usual meeting place, a decision may be made to purchase a property and convert it into your very own worship centre.
Alongside growth comes the call for new leaders/ministers, and new investments (such as musical equipment). Both command different types of insurance, with the former requesting Employer’s Liability insurance.
The different milestones within your Church’s journey may confront you with a different type of insurance risk; here, Insurance Brokers are advantageous in assessing each individual risk and arranging bespoke insurance cover as the need arises. Brokers, such as ourselves, are also adept in arranging cover that protects children and vulnerable members, as well as providing expert advice during community events, such as outreach or family fun days.
Although there is the option of purchasing insurance directly or online, it lacks the personable service that an Insurance Broker allows – and of course, this form of consultation and support is available all year round.
If you would like to hear more about our specialist Church service or would simply like advice with a free no obligation quotation, please get in touch.