Loss Adjusters who understand Church and Charity?

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Having a good Loss Adjuster involved in your insurance claim is likely to improve the efficiency of the process.

The importance of insurance is at times only really highlighted when a claim occurs. At charity insurance specialists WRS, when we source insurance companies to recommend to a customer, we carefully asses the claims service that they provide.

When a Policyholder experiences a significant loss, generally over £5,000, an insurance company will appoint a Loss Adjuster to act on their behalf. Once deployed to the location in question, a Loss Adjuster is responsible for surveying damage and determining the appropriate action to be taken, including the costs needed to rectify the damage(s).

Of course, the experience of a Loss Adjuster is influential in the quality of service that is offered to Clients. We therefore see it as a priority that our portfolio of Insurers includes only those Insurers who demonstrate a thorough understanding of how a Church or Charity operates.

Case Study

We helped issue insurance for a Church Minister to cover the Church’s building. Sadly, the Church suffered a major arson attack on their premises. When visiting with the Minister, it was emphasised that one of their key requirements was to still have an office on-site, whilst repairs were being made to the building.

The specialist team at WRS immediately passed this request onto the Loss Adjuster, and together, we arranged for a portacabin to be hired for the duration of the refurbishment of the Church. This allowed the Minister to continue meeting with the fellowship and members of the wider community, in a designated private space. The Minister appreciated our effort to go the extra mile, which is something we do for each of our Clients.

We are pleased that we were able to make such a positive impact for the Minister and the Church, amid such unpleasant circumstances.

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